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Interested in becoming a part of the Babaji movement?

Babaji Foundation is committed to growth in pursuit of our educational philosophy - Make learning interesting, delivering its unique pedagogy & offering both national (Babaji Vidhyashram) & international syllabi (The International Village School).

While aiming to reach a growing number of talented students, Babaji Foundation seeks to preserve the distinctiveness of its educational model and the unique impact Babaji schools have on their students‘ lives.

We receive a number of enquiries for establishing potential new schools. Babaji Foundation takes into account the effects of growth on current schools while processing requests from new schools wanting to join our network.

We need to ensure that new proposals add to the viability and impact of the Babaji movement as a whole.

Our evaluation criteria have been carefully developed to be robust and purposefully set the bar high for potential Babaji schools.

A Babaji education is a unique experience. Our CBSE school in Chennai offers a learning experience that is distinctive from other educational models. We need to work with schools that are committed and capable of inspiring staff and students to live the Babaji mission. Our alumni share this commitment - inspired by their Babaji experience - to make a positive contribution to society through a continued commitment to peace, sustainability and social justice.

Babaji inspired
best for existing schools
Benchmark yourself and understand best practices, visit & meet with our professional team who have education & the community in their hearts.
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Includes an overview of essentials such as:
  • Our unique Philosophy
  • Leadership team orientation
  • School architectural planning & design
  • Insight & research into ROI document
  • Setting up an academic team
  • Planning Professional development
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Babaji mentored
best for startup & existing schools

Learn how to integrate students, parents, teachers & stakeholders to make a successful community school. Understand advanced analytics, best practices & control to administer. Pay a flat annual fee and run your school under your own brand.

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Includes everything in Inspired program as well as:
  • Leadership ongoing reflection sessions
  • Overview of complete Regulatory structuring - NOC, Affiliation, certifications & licenses, school timings
  • Overview of complete people & practices - Admin setup, workflow processes, security setup & audit, professional development setup
  • Overview of complete academic processes - Pedagogy, training programs, textbook selection, academic dept infra, timetable & capacity utilization, after school activities, Performing arts, wellness, design thinking, library & readership
  • Overview of complete branding & logistics - Online & social media, campaign strategy, admission management, uniform & dress code, events
  • Overview of add - ons for school & community enhancement
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Babaji branded
best for startup schools
Work with us to establish a Babaji school with its unique educational model. Enhance instructional impact & enrich classroom experiences for children of your community. Transform your neighborhood by starting a community school & become the focal point.
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Includes everything in Inspired & Mentored program as well as:
  • Structuring of school & trust, Balance sheet structuring, Location feasibility, School architectural & civil infra planning, School IT setup, detailed ROI
  • NOC & Affiliation documentation, CBSE, IGCSE, IB inspection, Fire, health, sanitary licenses, PF, ESI, health insurance, gratuity registrations, payslips & wage management
  • Academic & admin team setup, reporting structure, vendor management, HR practices, Professional development setup, Ongoing recruitment process multi stage evaluation & team management, Pedagogy deep dive, lesson planning, Student progression analysis, parent management, crisis management, resource utilization optimization, Alumni management
  • Babaji branding, Inhouse admission & management software, online fee collection setup, Uniforms, Complete event management, bus route planning
  • Optimal utilization of school infra for community
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32A, Clasic Farms Road,
Chennai - 600 119,
Tamilnadu, India

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