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Excellence, attention to detail and guidance

We are a school that value childhood and the importance of education. Committed to academic excellence as well as to the emotional, physical, and social well-being of all students, we have come together as the best CBSE school to provide high-quality learning experiences for our students. Our leadership team supports the school by providing strategy, a sense of direction and strengthening the delivery of its strong curriculum. We invest in the professional development of our teachers and evaluate innovations in education both from within and around the world to adopt the best teaching methodologies.

The front entrance of Babaji Vidyashram School in Chennai, having arched columns and tastefully designed grilles for protection.

Executive committee

Our executive committee sets the tone and supports the teaching and student body with wise counsel. The committee aims to develop learning aspirations in all our students. These learning aspirations represent the key skills and attributes our students need to succeed in their colleges and careers — to become exceptional thinkers prepared for the future. At the top is our commitment to helping every student find joy and purpose in their learning. That sense of joy and purpose in learning is critical for our students to become the kind of lifelong learners they will need to be to face the rapidly evolving world they will graduate into.
Mr Sivakumar Hariharan -GM indian express Retd taking care of administration functionality of babaji vidhayashram -CBSE -School in Chennai
Sivakumar Hariharan
GM Indian Express (retd.,)
Mrs Majella Philip Founding principal of Babaji Vidhayashram-CBSE School in Chennai
Majella Philip
Founding Principal
Maj. Gen, Jose Manavalan -AVSM Retd Currently  taking care of administration functionality of Babaji vidhayashram -CBSE -School in Chennai
Maj. Gen, Jose Manavalan
AVSM (retd.,)
Mr Sivasailam Ramaswamy IAS (Retd)-Currently taking care of administration functionality of Babaji Vidhayashram -CBSE School in Chennai
Sivasailam Ramaswamy
IAS (retd.,)
A group of teachers sitting on chairs and discussing on how to improve students' talents in the school.

Faculty, staff and student body

We offer a teacher leadership model in which we attract and develop talented educators through our training, feedback and growth opportunities within the system.

Our diverse team of qualified & motivated teachers are supported by the state-of-the-art learning environments, co-curricular opportunities and community spaces in our purpose built, sustainable campus. Our teachers help students find joy and purpose in learning every day across the campus.

Our student body is diverse, inclusive and encouraged to be adaptable to the changing world. Nature and coexisting with nature in a sustainable manner is a way of life within the school and deeply encouraged.

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32A, Clasic Farms Road,
Chennai - 600 119,
Tamilnadu, India

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