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Educational philosophy & curriculum

Our educational philosophy

Our philosophy is to make learning interesting.

We believe that seeking knowledge is a lifelong process, and all children are capable of learning independently when provided with the right setting. As a famous CBSE school where many young budding talents study, we believe that learning can be made into an interesting endeavor by providing a supportive and conscientious atmosphere of mentoring.

Skills, abilities and knowledge are developed by engaging in experiential, collaborative and inquiry-based learning. Learning is further facilitated by simulations such as environment, nature, people, technology, artefacts, and travel experience. Teachers are facilitators and mentors who inspire, guide and empower students in developing skills and abilities to build their future.

Teaching approach

Teaching approach

Welcome to a school where learning fuels curiosity, where students understand the world by experiencing it, and where they learn skills by putting them into practice.Teachers are passionate about learning alongside their students and help students discover their interests. Students are encouraged to collaborate with each other, construct with their hands and create using tools. Foundational skills take hold so that students can shine in years to come. Friendships are made and nurtured.

The curriculum at Babaji Vidhyashram is based on the CBSE syllabus and is supported by our comprehensive liberal arts & technology-driven education. The school’s commitment to providing an international perspective is reflected in the curriculum, extensive service opportunities, and extracurricular activities. We encourage students with different learning styles, interests, and personal strengths.


Our curriculum offers a structured approach to teaching core subjects, with a major emphasis on the development of language, writing, and arithmetic skills. Science, social studies, wellness, music, dance, theatre, technology & design thinking, library & research skills are also integrated into the curriculum.

Our teaching approach is underpinned by a collective desire for consistently high standards and greater articulation of curricular goals across grades. We follow a concept-based approach to imparting knowledge. Students are encouraged to take up challenges and apply these concepts, thereby enabling them to become independent learners. Opportunities are provided to go beyond the textbooks. Developing a deeper connection to everyday life is constantly encouraged.


Utilising technology

Students are taught to harness technology as a powerful tool to aid research & lifelong learning. A specialized design thinking curriculum is integrated into all grade levels through primary, middle and high school. The curriculum brings together our faculty from various streams - IT, Robotics, Art, Craft, and Photography to teach children to identify problems, brainstorm solutions, build prototypes and publish solutions.


Our consistent all distinction batch of 2020 grade XII pass-outs went on to establish our belief in the power of making learning interesting. They have excelled in academics and actively participated in all the holistic avenues that the school had offered.

The alumni network of the school provides lifelong connection and bonding with the school community by being supportive and encouraging participation in their present capacity as valuable members of society.


The image displays the Grade XII Result 2023 Analysis with pie charts.

Cross-curricular integration is ensured by meticulous planning, enabling thoughtfully created lesson plans that clearly define learning outcomes. Complexity and challenges are gradually scaffolded through middle school, helping students attain adequate proficiency and confidence to appear for CBSE board exams in high school.

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