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Facilities at Babaji Vidhyashram

Learning through nature, experiences & books

Nature and conservation have been an integral part of our school since its inception. And, that made us a popular CBSE school in Chennai. The building is infused with green lung spaces, and every tree has been saved during its construction. The design enables us to conserve water and power in the most efficient ways. 100% of our water is recycled and reused. We encourage our students to be mindful of their carbon footprint and live a healthy lifestyle by opting to walk or cycle to school while taking advantage of the adequately designated cycle parking facilities provided for our students and staff. Our three-kilometre radius enrolment policy ensures a reduced carbon footprint and effective utilisation of students’ time and energy. We have designed and built our school based on innovative and flexible learning spaces that enhance a child’s learning experience. Because teaching is not confined to four walls, we use a wide range of spaces to engage children in their learning. We have included exhibition spaces around the school for children to present their work and a design & technology lab to integrate STEAM into lessons throughout the school.

This school has been designed for learning, by the people that spend their days working in them.

Our whole school has been involved in the designing of the school - teachers have helped to design the innovative learning spaces; our specialist sports partners helped design our amazing sportsfield with a state-of-the-art FIFA specified Astroturf field; three grass wicket pitches help in cricket practice and a medium range archery / multisports court are all designed so they can be split into separate teaching spaces. A state-of-the-art climbing wall at the heart of the school provides a thriving center allowing children to unwind.

Performing arts

Music lessons are enhanced with the two state-of-the-art instrument studios offering a range of instrumental lessons. The school band offers access to various band instruments after school. Our indoor assembly hall is the perfect backdrop for music performances, concerts and school productions.

Our two black box drama studios are truly flexible spaces, allowing for intimate experiential theatre performances, dance practices, guest speakers and exhibitions.

Three students are learning to work with 3D printing machine under the guidance of a senior teacher in a private school in Chennai.

Design thinking

Our department of design thinking allows the fusion of several different academic streams into a creative space for critical thinking, problem-solving and ideation. The department has over 4,000 Sq.Ft., of indoor & outdoor space.

Photography, videography, editing skills besides a Mac lab with AI & ML integrated learning philosophy, pottery, ceramic baking, handloom, tailoring, 3D design & printing, robotics & programming, tinkering lab, art & craft are all a part of this dynamic space.

A Solution based approach to problem-solving is implemented in this space helping students connect their skills to real-life problems. The department has a motorized telescope as well as a solar telescope. In addition, remote observations are conducted using robotic telescopes located in the Canary Islands & in Chile.

Happy Babaji Vidyashram School boy child seated in a classroom looking up and smiling.


Learning Spaces around the school have been thoughtfully designed to stimulate learning. Our modern, well-lit classrooms have a spacious feel with high ceilings, wide doors and windows that allow adequate natural light. Our air conditioners are designed to blend in fresh air constantly to ensure a comfortable and healthy environment for every child. Every classroom is a digitally equipped room for interactive learning with a projector, mirroring devices and whiteboards that enable the teacher to suitably plan their lessons to meet our visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners’ specific needs.

Inside view of School library with  books arranged on the shelves and three staff sitting on the table and three more sitting down and reading


Our libraries help develop a love for language, aid in effective communication, and trigger the urge to learn more. The libraries are constantly updated and have a readily accessible collection of books. The students are provided with a rich and wide range of reading material via the classroom library and the school library. Daily newspapers and magazines that talk about current affairs and skills are at hand reach to motivate children. It prompts students to enquire, explore and wonder about the world around them. Our students and teachers get flexible access to a wide selection of books and resources with the help of digital options.

A Babaji Vidyashram School Student wearing glasses is taking down notes while attending online classes on a handheld device
Our technology ecosystem

Technology here is not just taught but actively leveraged upon since inception. Our virtual presence has helped in greatly increasing the efficiency of our teachers and students. All assignments & academic updates are posted online, offering easy access to students & parents. The complete transition to online classes without any compromise in terms of loss of time or transmission was ensured by our digitally secure video sessions from April 2020.

Wellness and sports

Our sports program has been endowed with FIT India recognition. We have a 20,000 sq. ft. football field with FIFA-approved turf, cricket nets with natural grass wickets, archery range, throwball nets and a parade ground. The indoor climbing wall is built as per international standards. Student troops have been raised as part of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) to instil leadership skills and patriotism.

The significance of play and fitness is instilled in the minds of students right from the kindergarten years. We provide them access to safe play areas that incorporate jungle gyms with padded floors, making it an interesting playing space for our young learners. For students who wish to specialise in a particular sport, comprehensive after-school coaching is facilitated through top coaches. Our sports facility is made accessible to our local community during after-school hours and weekends in line with Fit India's objectives.

Logo of FIT India
Logo of National Cadet Corps (NCC).

Our wellness and sports department focuses on our students' physical, psychological, socio-emotional and nutritional needs in their developmental years. BVS has pioneered integrating these facets into a unique curriculum that focuses on developing lifelong habits towards fitness and well-being in children.

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