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Department of design thinking

Our department of design thinking enables the fusion of several different academic streams such as robotics, computer science, visual design, art and craft into creative spaces for ideation, critical thinking and problem-solving. Babaji Vidhyashram is referred to as a top school in Chennai as we have pioneered the confluence of these diverse but complementary subjects in a free-flowing, highly experiential and engaging learning method for children. This approach facilitates a learning experience that reflects the real world with real-life problems, making education relevant at all times. Originality in children is highly encouraged in this department.

Children enjoy unparalleled access to over 4000 sq. ft. of dedicated and fully fitted out active space with air-conditioned indoor and open-air outdoor zones. This area is used for brainstorming and prototyping of ideas using skills in photography, videography, editing, AI and ML integrated learning, 3D design and printing, robotics and programming, art and craft. A prominent part of this dynamic space is the tinkering stations and MAC lab with resources that unleash their creative thinking abilities. To support students’ interests beyond the horizon, the department also provides a motorised telescope and solar telescope. In addition to this, remote observations are also conducted using robotic telescopes located in the Canary Islands and Chile.

Department of
Performing arts

Artistic expression and appreciation are harnessed in a student’s mind through this design thinking department that offers theatre, public speaking, vocal music, Indian / Western dance, and keyboard training to participate in the school band.

Students get access to a purpose-built space of about 4000 sq.ft., with BlackBox studios, instrumental music rooms and dance spaces. This space supports learning and facilitates the integration of performing arts through theatre jamming sessions, music and dance recording, and broadcast facilities.

One of the key goals for teachers here is to inspire and support children to make original compositions and develop an appreciation for music and art performances.

A set of students are watching three of their classmates involved in performing arts at the stage.

The theatre curriculum facilitates students to get involved in all aspects of theatre production like acting and performance, direction, choreography, scriptwriting, design and technical support. Students get opportunities to plan and compose original productions.

Regardless of the production size or their role, students develop self-confidence as they improve their presentation, analytical, communication and leadership skills that would be applicable in any field they pursue in future.

Leadership and outdoor education program

The learning opportunities go beyond the prescribed syllabus and classrooms at Babaji Vidhyashram. Through our field trips, overnight stay expeditions and international travel opportunities, children are groomed to develop leadership skills and confidence through experiential learning.

The program is designed to kindle curiosity and provide a holistic vision of life through a structured outdoor education curriculum that is age-appropriate with increments in intensity and exposure right through kindergarten to high school. Children are given the opportunity to balance the influence of electronic gadgets by providing hands-on experience with nature.

The vision of life is broadened by kindling curious minds through our structured outdoor education curriculum, as they learn to respect and appreciate the diversity in culture and remain anchored with character and courage.

The program is designed to help students face the world’s challenges by developing their self-esteem, confidence, responsibility and commitment. Also, teachers are encouraged to take students outdoors several times a month to learn in the natural environments and outdoor spaces that are valued extensions of our classrooms.

Students are also regularly given opportunities to observe and investigate the natural world around them while safely challenging their capabilities, both independently and in collaboration with others. This includes exploring the nature lab within our campus and other natural spaces outside.

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