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Celebrations Of Festivals In Schools. How Does It Help?

Festivals are special days to celebrate tradition, culture, and heritage with happiness, peace, and harmony. It is highly recommended to live the festive moments to the fullest as they play a significant role in our social life. Celebrations help connect with friends and families, and they are the best escapade for our exhausting routine to make life more interesting. These celebrations provide younger generations with deep knowledge about legends. Furthermore, by celebrating the best festivals, any school in Chennai and other big cities teach their students to learn and appreciate tradition.

Why Should Schools Celebrate Festivals?

The festivals are in some form or other related to culture. There are three types of celebrations, namely seasonal, national and religious. As you learn to celebrate them, you will develop a sense of togetherness with other people worldwide. Most of us might be curious to know why there is a need to celebrate various school festivals. A few parents even think that their kids would be better off at home with a holiday on those important dates.

Celebrating a festival in school with friends is more fun, fostering cultural appreciation and teaching social awareness beyond textbooks. This article has pointed out why we must make students acknowledge an occasion.

A group of girl students are dancing with Indian national flag on the day of independence day in their cbse school in Chennai.

  • National festivals will heighten the patriotic spirits in children, enabling them to grow into better citizens. They will start prioritizing the nation at various points of life. Knowing the history of a country has a different impact on a child as they begin to appreciate freedom and develop respect for national symbols, flags, etc. You must understand that reading books theoretically will not induce patriotism amongst students but are well imbibed through festivals.
  • Celebrating a seasonal festival changes children's attitude towards mother Earth and nature. Most of these events are associated with food supply, and therefore it is highly beneficial for young minds to know about it.
  • Religious festivals teach kids about the importance of family, tradition and values. It gives an insight into the culture and its principles. However, all religions try to inculcate understanding, tolerance and love through various practices. The common aspect while celebrating multiple religious festivals is the expression of gratitude to the creator. This, in turn, helps children learn the value of good virtues and analyze why they are essential. For example, festivals like Dussehra and Diwali spread lights and vanquish evil. It will lead the kids through honesty by making them realize that people who indulge in evil deeds will eventually meet their fate.
  • International festivals will create an increased cheerful ambiance and deepen the bonds with other races. Celebrating these festivals by singing, dancing, and spreading joy will directly impact academics and make students strive for better scores.

Owing to the benefits listed, any best school worldwide or in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Hyderabad in India will effectively celebrate various International, National, Religious and Seasonal festivals. They firmly believe that it will help teach kids everything discussed above apart from having fun.

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Festival Celebrations Made Mandatory In The Best School In Chennai. Why?

As we all know, a school environment concentrates on academics most of the time. Celebrations provide an opportunity to indulge in non-academic activities, to bond and break the ice with each other. It deepens the peer relationships and brings the students closer to the staff, making everyone feel like a family. This bond will eventually make students perform better in the subjects taught by those teachers. Furthermore, the students will feel great comfort in school ambiance, and according to research, this has seen record a significant rise in their overall growth.

Close mindedness is the problem in today's scenario leading to stunted growth. Teaching cultural differences will develop tolerance amongst students to co-exist with mixed people from different backgrounds. Most importantly, festival celebrations will develop the students' communication skills and help them to interact with individuals from other communities. Hence, with recognition as the best school in Chennai, few institutions expose their students to various festivals and cultural values as a mandatory measure. The firm belief put forth by these educational institutions is that when a child becomes aware of different cultures at an early stage, they will learn to adapt and fit into the world easily.

Making festival celebrations compulsory will increase rational thinking amongst students, as it will help them develop a positive attitude in every aspect of life. Besides the facts mentioned above, it will help them grow holistically into better beings. Therefore, send your ward to schools when festival celebrations are initiated and see them return home with good values and morals.

How Best Can A School Celebrate Festival In Chennai & Other Cities?

Are you smiling and recollecting memories as you hear the word festival? It is more about the food preparations, gifts, new clothes and places we travel to, isn't it?. Hence, it would be best to understand that celebrating these special days in a school has more value as it effectively deepens the student-staff connection. Let us discuss and dive deep into the importance of celebrating festivals in school in this session.

  • Kids will have better memory about a festival when they learn about its glory in a fun manner.
  • Festivals are integral to building cultural habits and growing with good ethics.
  • Students learn to understand various customs and practices of other religions.

Different Festivals Celebrated In School
Indians have thousands of reasons to enjoy as they have numerous states with unique practices in each of them. We have to take pride in glorifying Indian culture because of its broad spectrum. Most schools celebrate Republic Day, Pongal, Mother's Day, Independence Day, Grandparent's Day, Teacher's Day, Diwali, Christmas and Children's Day. In today's scenario, most schools include with enthusiasm and zeal festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Halloween, Holi and Thanksgiving.

Apart from these, the best schools in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai encourage Yoga Day, Pollution Control Day, and other events that contribute to social awareness and causes. Paying more attention to such events that help save our environment, we are giving scope for kids to take good care of our world in future.

Schools inculcate the essence of festivals in kids employing dance, song, poem recitation, stage acting, etc. This develops an opportunity for kids to participate in extracurricular activities. Some schools organize these events in front of parents and grandparents, making them feel happy seeing their kids perform. However, the vital aspect of a stage performance is that it will boost the kid's self-esteem as they get accustomed to the applause and claps. If you have children who have participated in school festival celebrations, you would have seen their faces returning home with limitless joy, and you cannot deny it.

Know More About The Celebration Style
Republic Day and Independence Day are the most commonly celebrated national holidays in Indian schools. Children from all classes participate actively in these events as we will never fail to cherish how we fought for 150 years and gained freedom. Children hoist the flag, sing the national anthem and remember various freedom fighters in the form of plays or speeches. The other standard performances will be singing patriotic songs, organizing award giveaways and thumping drums to march.

Every activity will remind the pain and struggle of freedom fighters. In addition, a guest speaker will be a part of the celebration to end the event. The guest of honor will mark the importance of patriotism amongst the talented brains through their speech. There will also be lighter moments like prize distribution, annual reports, etc. Furthermore, Republic and Independence days are an opportunity to appreciate and praise our classic folk songs and traditional attires.

The Takeaway
We realize that fun and festival go hand in hand as we wrap up. However, it is the responsibility of schools to kindle the feeling of oneness and cultural importance in the younger generation. Apart from building wisdom and knowledge, it de-stresses and develops love and affection amongst friends and family.

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