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CBSE Curriculum: The Top Choice Of Parents in Chennai

The Central Board of Secondary Education is perhaps the most preferred choice of the curriculum throughout India. This national level board which is managed by the Government of India follows the NCERT syllabus. As the most preferred board in the country, the CBSE curriculum is adopted in thousands of private and public schools across the country. Besides, there are more than 200 schools in twenty-eight foreign countries that are affiliated to CBSE.

The hunt for the best CBSE school starts when the child is still a toddler. Some parents start perusing schools when their child is just a few months old! Such is the unrelenting effort of parents to give their ward the best that education can offer. Why is CBSE so popular? There are several reasons why parents are comfortable and satisfied when they pick CBSE as their first choice.

  • CBSE’s approach towards education is holistic and covers the knowledge enhancement for children of all ages.
  • It gives the right amount of education that suits the age of the child. It is neither too taxing nor does it lack in the kind of learning it inculcates.
  • CBSE makes learning apt for the age and the IQ levels of that particular age.
  • With the CBSE curriculum, the students feel less pressured because the syllabus is more interactive and interesting.
  • The board does not encourage rote learning. Conceptualized learning is one of CBSE’s biggest strengths.
  • CBSE curriculum sets a solid foundation for students wishing to pursue higher studies in IITs and IIMs. Most of the preliminary exams in these prestigious institutions are based on the NCERT syllabus, thus giving the students of CBSE schools a competitive edge.
  • The curriculum is designed to impart academic knowledge, physical and mental growth and social awareness.
  • The CBSE syllabus is flexible and versatile. It imparts well-rounded learning and a sense of confidence in the children.

Guidelines to simplify the task of choosing the best CBSE school

At the start of every academic year, parents find themselves in a tizzy when they commence their school hunting process. After they’ve decided to choose a CBSE school, the task becomes tougher, because there are so many other aspects to consider.
We have compiled the following guidelines that will help parents as a guiding parameter to simplify the search for the best CBSE school for their children.

  • Confirmation of affiliation

Many new schools make tall claims about being affiliated to the CBSE board. This is a lame tactic to lure gullible parents and students. Parents must double their efforts to ensure that the school follows the prescribed NCERT curriculum. The affiliation should be legitimate.


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  • How assessments are made.

An academic year in CBSE curriculum is divided into two semesters, and the student’s achievements are recorded as Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments. The school parents are looking for should follow a safe, transparent and honest assessment process. The best way to glean information in this context is to talk to the parents and students of that school.

  • Second language options

There are more than 18,000 schools in India functioning under the CBSE board. The schools in different states offer subjects and languages based on their zones. It is important to have a clear understanding of what second language choices the school has to offer. Until the higher secondary level, the curriculum is pretty much uniform throughout the country.

  • The institution and its overall reputation

Securing a place for their child in a highly reputed school is a prime goal for every parent. There are so many aspects to check out when it comes to assessing the reputation of the school:

  • The number of years it has been functioning.
  • The people who run the institution.
  • The legacy of the alumni.
  • The work ethics of the school.
  • Its brand value.
  • The reputation of the teachers.

Importance for overall development.

Any school that adopts the “all work and no play” policy cannot be called a successful institution. The school must give equal importance to the activities that hone the physical and mental capacities of the child. Parents must find out if the school will support their child’s interest in sports, arts and other co-curricular activities. While the CBSE board itself recommends group discussions and team-building activities, one must ensure if the school diligently implements these guidelines.

Babaji Vidhyashram: The top CBSE school in Chennai


Give your child unmatched and holistic education that lays the foundation for a secure, happy future. At Babaji Vidhyashram, we work with a zeal and commitment to creating not just brilliant students, but great leaders of the future. Let your child commence his academic journey from the best CBSE school in Chennai.

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