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Role Of School Playground In A Child's Health & Academic Success

School playground memories beyond books and friends are the ones most of us will cherish forever. Playing at school will improve a child's coordination among so many things in life. However, today's kids are inclined to do more indoor activities without enjoying outside. Modern kids have slowly started avoiding playgrounds or playtime with increased exposure to video games and television. Studies have proven that encouraging students to play out in good CBSE schools in Chennai and other cities will extensively develop their social and physical skills.

Playgrounds are the best places to develop creativity amongst children where they can be themselves without having to fake their feelings and emotions. Most importantly, it develops vital cognitive and emotional skills that a child cannot acquire through leisure activities. The parental pressure in today's world to concentrate more on academics is yet another reason for playgrounds going underused. You have to address this issue as it will harm the child's development in the long run through unanticipated situations. Now let us explore why experts emphasize the importance of school playgrounds.

School Playground's Importance In Various Good CBSE Schools In Chennai

You have to understand that without playing and interacting with other kids, a child's development milestones will get stunted in some form or the other. It is as important as sleeping and eating for a kid's health. Therefore, you must let children engage in free play, and structured play as both offer a different type of benefit and awaken their innovative instincts.

Physical Development & Benefits
Children playing on the ground have some workout through physical activity. These activities effectively strengthen their legs, arms and torso. To be more precise, physical activity will nurture both the cardiovascular and circulatory systems in the body. Therefore, they grow into active adults as they inculcate the habit of exercise right from an early age. The other physical benefits associated with outdoor play areas are:

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  • increased flexibility
  • development in hand-eye coordination
  • improvement in motor skills
  • increased immunity levels
  • better body balance
  • strong muscles
  • reduced risk of obesity
  • improved heart and lung functioning
  • lowered diabetes risk

Social Development & Benefits
Playgrounds are the ideal places to interact with children of different ages and backgrounds. This will teach kids to move with everyone, which will help them handle relationships and workplace circumstances in future effortlessly. Social development that happens through playtime includes:

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  • learning to resolve conflict
  • agreeing to rules and adjusting
  • developing patience
  • inculcating values like sharing and friendship
  • getting used to diversity

Emotional Development & Benefits
Emotional changes in kids happen in a subtle manner and aids with the overall wellbeing of the child. Playgrounds help tiny humans to deal with their stress and emotions. It is the most effective way to help them forget their worries and be happy during playtime. Below are a few of the positive emotional impacts of giving children the freedom to play on the grounds. Look how it works with good CBSE schools in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other big cities. It:

  • boosts self-esteem & self-confidence
  • teaches to deal with challenges with a positive mind frame
  • helps gain a sense of control over their actions
  • reduces bullying and misbehaving tendencies

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Ideal Size For A School Playground

Parents look into the facilities before shortlisting a school for their kids. They might have numerous things on their checklist; however, studies suggest that kids must be given equal importance to sports and academics. This will ensure that the children get more recreational activities and become physically fit.

Another significant consideration for any school playground is that it must be safe. Therefore, it must have a minimum space to allow kids to run around freely. This brings us to the most-awaited question: What is an ideal playground area? One thousand two hundred square feet is the average measure for good CBSE, IB, IGCSE and ICSE schools in Chennai and other reputed schools. However, there are a few facts on why parents should look out for an extensive playground, and they are:

  1. A playground size will depend on the number of students. For a primary school, the playground size may vary from the higher secondary as these kids will have lesser energy levels, agility and physical requirements than elder children. Higher secondary students will be playing more exhaustive sports like football and cricket, and therefore they will need a comparatively more significant area. Hence, parents are supposed to prefer schools with big playgrounds which can accommodate kids of all age groups.
  2. The school's attitude towards sports is vital. When it encourages participation making physical activity compulsory, children will learn to become active. Most importantly, sports activities will energize the minds making them pay more attention to their academics. A balance between recreational exercise and academics will make better citizens for tomorrow as they will have a reduced risk of depression and lethargy. Such schools create spacious playgrounds as a necessity for their school premises. Therefore, parents have to narrow their options by checking on a school's interest in extracurricular activities.

Safety Playground Rules To Follow In Good CBSE Schools In Chennai

Accidents happen, and it is our responsibility to prevent them from happening. A few injuries may turn out to be life-threatening and so it is necessary to follow basic rules while engaging in activities on a school playground. It is the responsibility of both parents and teachers to educate students of good CBSE schools and institutions in Chennai with various safety measures. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Take things carefully at a slow pace without rushing. Show courtesy to fellow mates while playing.
  • Listen to the teacher's instructions and follow the essential safety protocols.
  • Maintain decorum without pushing and pulling others.
  • Make it a point to refrain from verbal abuse and physical contact.
  • Ensure that your shoelaces are correctly tied and wear comfortable attires without drawstring during outdoor play. There is a high risk of scarves, drawstrings, necklaces, and other accessories getting tangled with physical activity and so kindly avoid them.
  • Make way for others and take turns to use any play equipment as sharing is the greatest virtue to make things work out smoothly.
  • Do not get involved in play activities without adult supervision.

Summing It Up
Child psychologists have researched school playgrounds' importance for several years, and it acts as the base for adulthood challenges. There is a vivid connection between fitness and brain activity. Therefore, outdoor play in school playgrounds will promote brain growth which eventually helps with better academic performances.

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