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The Importance Of School Student Clubs & Their Benefits

A school may not be the favourite place for many teens. But within those walls is where young teenagers discover who they are and what talents they possess. That is why many CBSE higher secondary schools in Chennai make talent clubs and sports a part of after-school activities.

The pressure of school work is no walk in the park. Children today hardly find the time to chat with their friends during lunch breaks or spend a fun-filled free period. School clubs, however, offer the perfect outlet for students to express their hidden talents and skills. After all, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!"

Why Are Student Clubs Important In CBSE Higher Secondary Schools?

Schools today are all about providing a holistic education that perfectly balances academic and extracurricular activities. It is one of the reasons behind the growing popularity of school clubs. It is more than just a place where children of various age groups spend time with each other, learning and honing their talents.

A good school club can help students:

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  • Receive insights from their peers, seniors, club advisers, and teachers.
  • Gain fresh perspectives about various ideas and skills.
  • Learn to respect another person's viewpoint.
  • Develop and improve social skills
  • Collaborate with students from various social backgrounds
  • Step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills
  • Form meaningful, life-long friendships
  • Bond over shared goals and interests
  • Learn to deal with wins and losses
  • Learn the value of participation
  • Derive a sense of accomplishment

Besides these aspects, students are also awarded medals, cups, and certifications for participating or winning in school club activities. These recognitions improve the students' chances of getting into good colleges and jobs later on in their lives.

While most schools have one or two clubs, many institutions operate multiple clubs for various purposes. You would be surprised to know the various clubs that schools have come up with.

Popular Types Of Clubs in CBSE Schools

Some CBSE higher secondary schools in Chennai operate separate academic and extracurricular activities. Academic clubs comprise the following:

    Art club- To hold discussions about art history, take field trips to museums and historical places, or plan international trips to artistic hubs.

  • Mathematics club- To compete in Math Olympiads and competitions and use the knowledge for Math classes.
  • History club- To learn and discuss important historical events, listen to famous historians, and visit famous historical sites.
  • English club- To improve one's mastery over the language, play skits and dramas from famous literary works, and improve Grammar.
  • Foreign language clubs- To learn foreign languages like German, Japanese, Spanish, and French and celebrate the culture of the language.
  • Yearbook club- To document fellow students' academic activities throughout the year and put them in print to share with the entire school.

Extracurricular activities clubs include:

Robotics club teaches the basics of robotics and creates a passion for this subject that will help fetch lucrative jobs.
Writing club- To improve one's writing skills and participate in writing competitions.
Quiz club- To encourage students to improve their academic and general knowledge by participating in quiz competitions.

Besides these clubs, some schools also have cooking, photography, books, pottery, dance, and video games clubs. So, how do children benefit from these many clubs? Experts say that after-school clubs help students nurture their innate talents, which prove to be immensely beneficial in their adulthood. Many students even find school clubs to be a source of inspiration, solace, and comfort.

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The Benefits Of Joining CBSE Higher Secondary School Clubs

Development of real-world skills

A school-club activity inculcates so much more than the activity itself. For example, if a child is involved in an after-school dance club, they learn to hone a much-loved hobby and end up doing good physical activity. They also learn to communicate and mingle with their peers, juniors, and seniors in the process. Skills like time management are also honed in the process. Such attributes prepare them to face life with more confidence in the future.

Better academic performance

Teachers in CBSE higher secondary schools in Chennai say that after-school club activities help students improve their grades and gain higher Grade Point Average (GPAs).

Inculcates healthy habits

School clubs divert children from resorting to watching TV or playing video games straight after they get home from school. Extracurricular activities like sports, athletics, and self-defence classes keep them physically active, which is an absolute must for children. Such hobbies can also reduce stress, impart healthy lifestyles and lessen screen time.
Improved safety

Participation in school clubs keeps children safe inside the school campus until the parents come to pick them up. It significantly reduces instances of children loitering unsupervised outside the school premises. Adult supervision also ensures they stay away from unwanted habits like drug abuse, smoking, drinking, etc.

Better job opportunities

Older students gain early exposure to job opportunities through school club activities. Talented students are likely to grab the attention of employers or mentors when they go out for competitions. Some competitions also reward winners with valuable scholarships to pursue their higher education after school.

Top Reasons For Children To Join School Clubs In Chennai

Not all learning happens in the classroom. In fact, many life skills are learned in school clubs. However, many parents do not encourage higher secondary students to pursue school club activities due to academic pressure. Besides, there's the additional responsibility of scoring good marks to get into reputed colleges.

Despite these academic demands, joining a school club can mean much more than just an extracurricular activity. Children should consider joining their school clubs because they can:

    Have great fun and relax their minds.

  • Take a break from the monotony of studies.
  • Add valuable points to their resume while job-hunting.
  • Develop leadership skills which are essential for jobs
  • Gain practical experience in a safe environment.
  • Develop valuable contacts and networking opportunities.
  • Learn about teamwork, tolerance, and collaboration.

Wrapping Up

There are hardly any disadvantages to joining a school club. These clubs are well worth the effort and money. They deliver a unique experience that cannot be found within the pages of any textbook. School clubs in CBSE higher secondary schools in Chennai are a great opportunity to make schooling worthwhile and emerge a well-rounded individual ready to face the world.

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