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The Ideal School Campus & Its Impact On Learning

"Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom." This quote from Oprah Winfrey summarises the importance of schooling in a single line.

Yet, the purpose of schooling is a debatable topic that brings forth many explanations.
If we took a step back to the 1800s, history would reveal that schooling back then
was to preserve and inculcate democratic values. Later, schools flourished with the purpose to prepare students for vocational courses. Much later, in the 1970s and 80s, the world became consumed by how well students performed in schools. Test scores became a top priority, and competition became rampant.

What Is The Importance & The Purpose Of Schooling?

In the current scenario, the purpose of schooling is altogether a different story. For example, the best CBSE school in Chennai will operate with high-level objectives to prepare their students to:

  • Maximise their academic and non-academic potential
  • Follow their passions to take on future careers
  • Contribute to a vibrant democracy
  • Contribute to the world economy
  • Be environmentally conscious
  • See things from a different perspective

Unlike yesteryears, schooling is not a choice for today's generation of children. It is a mandatory phase of life for every growing child. The importance of schooling can be condensed into five main points:

  1. Deriving content knowledge through academic achievement is essential for success in later years.
  2. Learning life skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, communication, and creativity to excel in jobs and life situations.
  3. Developing success habits such as self-direction, self-efficacy, self-regulation, and executive function skills.
  4. Connecting schooling with real-world experiences like school-club activities, projects, and internships to implement the acquired knowledge.
  5. Prioritising health and wellness improves the students' social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.

The Importance Of Having A Good School Campus

If schooling is important, so is the school campus and its surroundings. " School is a building with four walls which has tomorrow inside," is a frequently quoted one-line saying about schools. That said, any space or place can be used to impart knowledge. The physical context of the space should not matter to one who yearns to quench their thirst for knowledge and learning.

Even then, this determined place called the "School" has a massive impact on students. Which is why it remains the first destination for every child to build their future. From the location to the ambience, every aspect has a telling impact on the students' performance and behaviour.

A quick look at the best CBSE school in Chennai would give you an idea of the key elements of a good school campus. Apart from a visually appealing landscape, a school should have the following amenities:

  • Spacious classrooms
  • Well-stocked libraries
  • Clean cafeterias
  • Hygienic restrooms
  • Ample water supply
  • Well-tended gardens
  • Multipurpose rooms
  • Locker areas
  • Staff rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Auditorium
  • Internet connectivity
  • Laboratories
  • Multimedia room
  • Art and craft workshops

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What is the importance of good school infrastructure? We do not need any research to tell us that a school with good infrastructure motivates children to learn. An ideal ambience wards off any distractions that can divert students' attention. A child-friendly ambience encourages students to attend school without fail.

Many surveys and studies reiterate that while school ambience positively affects school completion, it also reduces teacher absenteeism. However, not all schools have the financial fortitude to offer more than the basic facilities. Many parents, too, do not prioritise the availability or quality of school facilities when choosing the institution. Exam scores and pass percentages often take a front seat when it comes to choosing schools.

If you are looking for holistic education, you have to prioritise school facilities because children spend a good part of the day inside the school campus. When a school invests in good facilities, the benefits outweigh the capital costs.

How Infrastructure In CBSE Schools Affects The Learning Process

A well-equipped school will, directly and indirectly, influence the students.

Curbs distractions

Children can easily give in to distractions. Constant outside noise can affect concentration, leading to mediocre performance in class and exams. A quiet classroom can help them focus only on what's happening in class and grasp the subject concepts better.

Improves air quality

Inadequate ventilation can cause discomfort and thereby hinder the learning process. Moreover, a poorly-ventilated classroom becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and air-borne pathogens. Therefore, classrooms must have large windows to promote cross-ventilation.

Allows natural lighting

No parent wants their child to sit in a dingy, poorly-lit classroom. According to a study, students who learn with maximum exposure to natural daylight perform better in class. All classrooms should have access to natural light and enough electrical lighting to use when the need arises.

Eliminates overcrowding

A crowded classroom leads to minimal student engagement and improper learning. Teachers also find it difficult to manage and focus on students in an overcrowded classroom. On the contrary, spacious classrooms will provide an ideal environment for both students and teachers to learn and teach without jostling for space.

Inculcates cleanliness

Clean and hygienic restrooms are a mandatory necessity in all schools. Well-maintained restrooms will encourage children to implement clean and hygienic habits that will help them in the long run.

Maintaining a well-equipped school can be a fine balancing act for even the best CBSE school in Chennai. However, these are basic necessities that cannot and should not be compromised. Therefore, the onus of providing a good school campus with the proper infrastructure falls on the shoulders of the school administrators.

How Does Your School In Chennai Benefit From Community Involvement?

The success of a school largely depends on parental involvement. Parental engagement is seen as a critical factor that binds students' individual success with that of the institution itself. However, one more aspect is often ignored. Institutions often overlook the fact the involvement of the community is also a major contributor to the high rates of student success.

Consistent community involvement has delivered long and short term benefits for schools. Which is why the best CBSE school in Chennai encourages parents, communities, and extended families to collaborate and support the learning process.

How can you encourage community involvement in your school? Here are some ideas:

  • Encourage volunteering. It is one of the easiest ways to implement community involvement.
  • Connect with local businesspersons, non-profitable organisations, and charitable foundations to enlist volunteers.
  • Conduct fine arts clubs, athletic meets, cookery competitions, etc., to encourage volunteer involvement.
  • Prioritise community involvement in the form of donations and sponsorship programs.
  • Provide business opportunities for local enterprises and organisations to partner with your institution.

Prioritise Your School To Raise Responsible Citizens of The Future

A school plays an imminent role in raising well-educated, civic-minded, responsible future citizens who may one day become world leaders. Therefore it is not just a brick and mortar building. It is a temple of learning which requires the wholesome involvement of the students, parents, and the entire community.
Remember that "School is not the end, but only the beginning of education."

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