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The popularity of the CBSE Board in India

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The hunt for the best school starts very early for parents. It intensifies when the child completes a year in playschool. For most parents, enrolling their child in a CBSE school they deem fit for their child is a big accomplishment. Once the enrolling is done, they need not worry about looking for another school for the next twelve plus years.

Despite the known advantages, it is common for parents to find themselves in a fix when it comes to choosing between the CBSE and State Boards. This never-ending debate has divided the student and parent community. When we weigh the options, the scale tends to lean more towards the CBSE curriculum. In this article, we shall explore the reason why CBSE is a far better choice than the State Board curriculum.

Understanding the CBSE and the State Board

The CBSE Board:

  • The Central Board of Secondary Education is the national board of India.
  • The syllabus is student-friendly and based on conceptualized learning, rather than rote learning.
  • The syllabus follows the NCERT curriculum which forms the basis for competitive exams like JEE, Civil Exams, etc.
  • Pursuing the CBSE board gives students the advantage to enrol themselves in nationalized institutions.

The State Board:

  • Each state has its educational board that is controlled by administrative authorities who decide the syllabus from primary to higher secondary education.
  • The educational structure, the exam pattern and entire syllabus vary with every state.
  • Sometimes the state board syllabus may not be up to the expected standards of a centralized institution.
  • The State Board syllabus is easy to follow and most conducive for students wishing to pursue higher studies within the state.

Advantages of choosing the best school in terms of the curriculum

  • Student-friendly approach.

Despite the common opinion that the CBSE syllabus is tougher than the State Board syllabus, it is easier to learn because it is more interactive and interesting. Students do not face the pressure of rote learning. Instead, they are encouraged to understand the core concept and rewrite it in their own words. The syllabus also has fun activities and assignments to allow students to gain a better insight into the theories.

  • Holistic education

Apart from the academic perspective, the CBSE curriculum gives equal importance for physical and cognitive development. The syllabus is designed to inculcate social awareness and lay the foundation for children to become responsible citizens of the country.

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  • International presence

The CBSE curriculum is followed by more than 200 schools in 28 countries around the world. Being an internationally recognized board, the CBSE has a Foreign School Cell- an administrative body that ensures that internationally located CBSE schools are given the right support.

  • Helps in relocation.

For parents who hold transferable jobs, opting for the CBSE board simplifies the task of finding another school when they move from place to place. This is primarily because the CBSE curriculum is uniform throughout the country, thus making it easy for the child to adapt to the new school environment.

  • Syllabus design

The CBSE follows the guidelines of the NCERT for all subjects. This not only makes the entire syllabus structured and uniform but also lays a strong foundation for students to tackle competitive exams like the IIT-JEE, AIIMS, NEET and Civil Service exams.

  • Flexible approach

Only CBSE offers students the freedom to pursue their field of interest in every stage of school life. Since there is no compulsion to follow a rigid set of subjects, students pick the subjects that will boost their prospects. This instils a sense of confidence and refines the student’s decision-making abilities. Whether it is the CBSE or State Board syllabus, the decision must be made after careful consideration of all the pros and cons. The decision must be based on the aspirations and plans of the students.

Babaji Vidhyashram, Chennai: The best CBSE school to shape your child’s future

Babaji Vidhyashram holds a high reputation as one of the best schools in Chennai. We are known for our commitment to excellence and our unique approach in shaping and transforming the lives of children by imparting holistic, quality education

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