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Extracurricular Activity Is As Important As Academics In School

Extracurricular activities are a significant necessity for modern kids as they have more exposure to screens. Indulging them in extracurricular activities will help them develop various essential skills required to lead a successful life. The activities apart from academics will mould them in the best way with a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge. Most importantly, having fun with extracurricular activities will teach the kids to handle different circumstances and know the world better. Therefore, many schools are starting to make the extra activities compulsory in their curriculum. If you witness close enough, you can see that any best IB, IGCSE, ICSE, and CBSE school in Chennai offers this opportunity to improve their skills and interests.

Significance Of Extracurricular Activities Explained By The Best CBSE School In Chennai

Extracurricular activities serve as an outlet to vent a child's extra energy. It helps them grow into well-rounded human beings with better health. One of the vital aspects of school life is extracurricular activities that will provide them with the practical knowledge to survive as adults. Let us now see why they are becoming mandatory in every curriculum recently.

  • Extracurricular activities will allow a kid to build leadership, self-confidence, and various social skills.
  • It makes the child explore different areas and choose their favorite field of passion. Eventually, it helps them make self decisions, which is an important criterion for being independent in life.
  • Extracurricular activities are essential to realizing that winning and failing are a part of life. It teaches them this value which a child cannot acquire through any other medium in school.
  • Strong communication skills are the primary development achieved through performance on stage. This will be a life-changing opportunity for introverts as it gives them a chance to master effective communication.
  • Time management is yet another big lesson achieved through various extra activities. Time waits for no one. Therefore, kids learn to plan their routines effectively by learning to manage time. It helps them in the long run to achieve success in every action.
  • In this competitive world, children tend to pull down others through bullying. Extracurricular activities at any reputed and best CBSE school in Chennai or other cities will make them work in collaboration without putting the other person down. As a result, they will look at the competitions healthily and positively without holding a grudge.
  • Extracurricular activities will act as an effective break between learning schedules in a beneficial way and create an excellent chance to reduce screen time.

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How Do Extracurricular Activities Benefit A Child?

Extracurricular activities are a fantastic approach to making children learn beyond the classroom. It includes music, drama, sports, dance, etc., creating diverse relationships and expressing artistic talents. Furthermore, it enables the kids to know the importance of being socially active. The best CBSE school in India explains why and how the activities that belong to the curriculum outside the regular academics benefit children in various southern cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Coimbatore. Let's see how it has become an integral part of education.

1.Academic Performance
Studies prove that children participating in more co-curricular activities have better grades. According to statistics, their marked academic improvement is happening because of their increased brain functioning through interest. When they show more enthusiasm in an activity, the brain concentrates better and gets tuned to it. Managing time and developing self-confidence are bonuses achieved with extracurricular activities that help with their learning phase.

2.Social Skills
With co-curricular activity, children are always a part of a group, which helps them learn to interact with various people. Eventually, this will help them build more friendships and expand their social network.

3.Time Management
Balancing academic and extracurricular activities will be an essential skill every child must master as they participate in activities outside the classroom. They learn to engage themselves during their free time and manage their schedules efficiently. Thereby students become more productive, and this essential skill of time management will help them take up examinations better. Handling time is a vital element in everyone's life as it will be helpful in various aspects of life.

4.Life-Saving Skills
When you hear the word life-saving skills, you must understand that these are the essential skills that will help you thrive. Hence, they include teamwork, self-esteem, goal setting, critical thinking, leadership, good communicating skills, relationship building, fulfilling commitments, etc. By mastering the skills mentioned above, students learn to solve various problems in life. Furthermore, they grow into better adults who will lead a successful personal and work life.

5.Personal Development
Taking care of oneself is a significant skill for personal growth and development. Being happy in mind will create a positive emotional attitude and help the child improve further in social, spiritual, and academic fields. Kids learn sharing and caring qualities through extracurricular activities, which will enhance their personality further.

Top Co-Curricular Activities That Can Be Included In Any CBSE School In Chennai

Academic is not the only essential curriculum to prepare a child for the future. By understanding the importance and objective of extracurricular activities, you will know how it enriches and provides a child's holistic development. Therefore, extracurricular activity is also called enrichment activity. All the best enrichment activities in any CBSE school in Chennai and other cities are encouraged during or after school hours. The most popular ones are listed here for your better understanding.

  • Cricket, basketball, soccer, tennis, football, volleyball, etc., are the sports activities.
  • Indoor activities are table tennis, chess, yoga, etc.
  • To hone the child's creativity, schools include dance, music, and drama.
  • Outdoor activities like gardening will create social awareness.
  • Art and crafts are yet another indoor activity in most schools.
  • Field visits to educational and historic places complement the textbook subjects and offer practical knowledge.

As you have a list of co-curricular handy, you might be wondering how to streamline your kid's interests to any of them. Few kids have natural talents in certain activities, so we have to help them identify them appropriately. Pursuing the extracurricular activities in which they are well-versed will give them an upper hand to perform those activities for life with enthusiasm and zeal.

Perks Of Enrichment Programs To Students

  • Kids are exposed to various teaching styles, realizing that learning is not only about memorizing and taking notes.
  • Children start to enjoy attending school as there are many activities to perform. Eventually, they get de-stressed, and their anxiety levels reduce while going to school.
  • As kids explore numerous zones of interest, they start to discover themselves, improving personal growth. They develop qualities like empathy, tolerance, and acceptance as they get introduced to various people.
  • Students exposed to greater extracurricular activities do not overeat and stay on the right track. Research states that these people develop good values with various enrichment programs and therefore do not commit any crime or make wrong decisions in life.
  • Enrichment activities give a kid more choices while selecting their career and undoubtedly make them perform better in academics. It creates a platform to discover things beyond their academics to gain better knowledge.
  • The extracurricular activities complement the textbook knowledge by practically learning more than what the teachers teach in class. An excellent example of this is field trips and experimenting with science activities organized by the school.
  • Verbal and nonverbal communications are essential in life. Students learn to share ideas creatively and interact better by meeting different age groups and backgrounds. As a result, children develop strong communication skills by learning to handle every circumstance flawlessly such that it becomes favorable to them.

To Sum Up
Encourage your child to participate in co-curricular even if they are not enjoying it initially. As parents and teachers, it is our sole responsibility to support them and make them realize their importance. Permitting them to do whatever interests them will help them choose a career in the future and succeed effectively with sufficient exposure in their previous years. Therefore, extracurricular activities and academic go hand in hand and help young minds become better citizens in the future.

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