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Babaji Vidhyashram · CBSE schools in Medavakkam - Babaji Vidhyashram
Babaji Vidhyashram · CBSE schools in Medavakkam - Babaji Vidhyashram

Babaji Vidhyashram: The Top CBSE School in Medavakkam

Welcome to the Babaji Way of Learning!

Babaji Vidhyashram, a leading centre for immersive learning, is one of the most sought-after
CBSE schools in Medavakkam, Chennai. At BVS, we follow the modern CBSE curriculum while providing various avenues for our students to pursue their passion and shine like superstars.

Babaji Vidhyashram thrives on student initiative: Instead of letting a system define a student, we encourage them to discover their talent and hone their skills. By incorporating proprietary techniques and educational strategies, we ensure that students love what they learn and retain the knowledge for a lifetime.

Our vision is to create dynamic generations of citizens who are not held back by redundant and outdated educational frameworks that restrict them from realising their true potential. To make our vision a reality, we implement the finest CBSE educational practices and proven pedagogical methods to instil leadership, patriotism, teamwork, and good values in our students.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for an institution that offers innovative, experiential, child-centric education, BVS is the right place for your child. Our institution operates from some of Chennai's prime locations, like, Sholinganallur, Karapakkam, Selaiyur, and Sithalapakkam.

Choose Babaji Vidhyashram and become a part of your child's enriching educational journey!

About Us
Two girl students and a boy is doing clay modelling.

Why Choose BVS, the Most Popular CBSE Affiliated School in Medavakkam?

  • Inspiring Tutors

    BVS has the finest faculty of teaching and non-teaching staff with the experience, expertise, and training to handle children of all ages.

  • Consistent Results

    Every year, our students scale the CBSE board exams with flying colours and attain distinction.

  • Finest Facilities

    Our sprawling campus has well-furnished classrooms, design-thinking labs, art studios, and everything required for holistic education.

  • Trusted System

    We base our professional education system on CBSE curricula and other proven educational practices.

  • Innovative Approaches

    Our approach to education at BVS focuses on preparing students for future challenges as the world evolves.

  • Complete Dedication

    BVS is a community-oriented school catering to residents around the vicinity of Medavakkam. We do not have any shareholders or investors.

  • Tailored Learning

    We have a tailored learning approach comprising academic and non-academic courses along with consistent support from our teachers.

  • University Placements

    We offer excellent career guidance and counselling sessions to help our students breeze their way to top institutions in India.

  • Culture & Patriotism

    Along with academic rigour, we also teach patriotism and cultural values through NCC, traditional
    festivals, and other celebrations.

Academics & Curriculum At BVS, The Best School in Medavakkam

In a group discussion among teachers, one staff is pointing her hand somewhere and other are listening to her.

Several aspects go into making Babaji Vidhyashram one of the top-most CBSE-affiliated schools in Medavakkam, Chennai.

Firstly, our pedagogical approach emphasises the prominence of skill building and makes it inclusive from the early stages of learning. To enhance life skills, we encourage students to apply their academic knowledge outside the classroom in everyday situations.

Secondly, Babaji Vidhayashram is a CBSE affiliated school that offers a unique education that does not impose any academic frameworks on its students. Children from all grades are exposed to opportunities to learn about technology, collaborate with each other, and gain world knowledge through projects, field trips, and exchange programmes.

Thirdly, our students begin learning many languages as early as kindergarten to help them become multilingual and master the art of communication. Furthermore, they are motivated to become involved in social causes that promote patriotism, social responsibility, and environmental awareness.

We are particular about maintaining small-sized classes to ensure we give equal priority and focus to every student. To implement the same, we have a limit of about 25 students for kindergarten classes and about 30 students for grades 1-10. Once they enter middle school, students are gradually exposed to new academic challenges that help them develop their proficiency and confidence to gear up for the CBSE board exams in high school.

BVS: Triggering creativity through experiential learning & conceptual understanding.

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We Strive For Your Academic Excellence

During their education at Babaji, each student is allowed to learn at a high level and personalise their learning experience. Our unmistakable culture of excellence, integrity, and ability to deliver tech-enabled education makes us one of the best schools in Medavakkam, Chennai. Our goal is to foster in our students a passion for learning and a commitment to exploring themselves.

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We Nurture Young Creators & Artists

Our students can explore new interests in music, art, dance, and drama classes and fine-tune their skills as experienced performers. In the performing arts section of our school, we offer a wide range of courses, including theatre, public speaking, vocal music, Indian and Western dance, keyboard, piano, and band training. The building has a dedicated performing arts space with BlackBox studios and instrumental rooms for our students to use.

We Foster Sportsmanship
& Team Spirit

Babji Vidhyashram is a FIT India-recognised school. We have achieved this feat with abundant sports resources, including our FIFA-approved, 20,000 sq. ft football turf, cricket nets with natural grass wickets, ultra-modern climbing wall, and a huge parade ground. Our students can use these facilities to unleash their physical abilities in whatever sports and games they enjoy playing. We do not let academic commitments thwart their playtime because we believe that competitive sports teach them priceless life values.

Children eagerly waiting to participate in a competition and a small boy getting ready for the competition illustrate BVS fostering Sportsmanship and team spirit.

We Empower Tech-Savvy Students
& Staff

BVS has everything it requires to be a digitally-strong environment. Our tech-savvy staff members are encouraged to use the numerous online resources to broaden their knowledge and help children navigate academic challenges. We post all our academic updates online for the convenience of parents and students.

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32A, Clasic Farms Road,
Chennai - 600 119,
Tamilnadu, India

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