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Babaji Vidhyashram · CBSE schools in Shollinganallur - Babaji Vidhyashram
Babaji Vidhyashram · CBSE schools in Shollinganallur - Babaji Vidhyashram

Babaji Vidhyashram: The Finest CBSE School in Sholinganallur

Inculcating A Lifetime of Learning at BVS!

Babaji Vidhyashram is a modern learning community dedicated to nurturing responsible citizens and empowering students with personalised learning to achieve overall excellence. As one of the most reputed CBSE schools in Solinganallur, BVS prepares students for success in a competitive world.

BVS's educational philosophy is a tad different from other institutions: We encourage students to find their true potential and passion rather than letting a system dictate who they are. Our educational approach rides in tandem with our philosophy and is solidly based on promoting problem solving, critical thinking and innovation.

At Babaji Vidhyashram, we aim to break all barriers that restrict education within frameworks that limit the scope of individual creativity by dictating what's feasible and what's not.

We offer the best of both worlds: A harmonious amalgamation of CBSE practices and modern educative methods for a wholesome learning experience.

About Us
A small girl student is sitting on the floor and drawing something on a paper with the hA small girl student is sitting on the floor and drawing something on a paper with the help of pen and sketch.elp of pen and sketch.

Ten Reasons to Choose BVS: The Best School in Sholinganallur

  • Dedicated Staff

    An army of highly qualified and well-trained staff with more than 90% retention rate is one of the highest amongst all schools in Chennai.

  • Exemplary Results

    Enviable CBSE board exam results every consecutive year that prove our students' mettle and academic prowess.

  • Exceptional Care

    Well-rounded care and compassion for students that extends beyond the realms of the academic curriculum.

  • Well-Established System

    Top-notch professional educational system based on the rigours of the CBSE syllabus and other proven methodologies.

  • Career Guidance

    Resourceful counselling and guidance to ensure our students pursue their academic dreams in the best institutions.

  • Trust-Run Institution

    A wholly trust-run educational institution dedicated to providing a world-class education for residents.

  • High-Grade Facilities

    World-class amenities like an art studio, playfield facilties, design thinking labs, and other conveniences make learning enjoyable.

  • Personalised Learning

    Holisticnon- academic and academic study material covers all the aspects of the syllabus and beyond.

  • Innovative Strategies

    Preparing students to handle futuristic challenges with innovative and result-oriented learning strategies.

  • Fervent Patriotism

    A well-rounded education teaches patriotism and the significance of national festivals, celebrations, and NCC.

Curriculum & Academics in BVS

The Premium CBSE-Affiliated School in Sholinganallur

A small young boys wearing graduation cap and a costume is showing thumbs up to his classmate.

Located in Chennai, BVS is one of the leading CBSE schools in Sholinganallur, offering experiential learning and concept-based academics.

We believe that skill-building is a crucial aspect for children, which is why we incorporate it from the early stages of schooling. Our students are urged to explore beyond the realms of books and apply their academic knowledge to practical concepts in their daily lives.

To enable students to evolve into creative thinkers and doers, we provide ample opportunities to participate in projects, exchange programmes, guest lectures, and field visits. Using design thinking in our classrooms makes students and faculty more creative and problem-solving savvy.

Students in BVS are introduced to many languages from their kindergarten years to make them multi-linguistic to help them develop public speaking and interpersonal skills. They are also encouraged to participate in social causes that instil patriotism, social care and environmental responsibility.

We maintain limited class sizes to adapt different learning styles. Kindergarten classes are limited to 25 students, while Grade 1 to Grade 10 have 30 students. As students progress through middle school, challenges are gradually increased to help them develop proficiency and confidence to take CBSE board exams in their later years.
Babaji Vidhyashram also operates from prime locations like Karapakkam, Sithalapakkam, Selaiyur, and Medavakkam.

BVS: Standing Proud as The Best School in Sholinganallur

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Our Culture of Excellence With A Keen Eye for Detail & Guidance

Why is Babaji Vidhyashram the top CBSE school in Sholinganallur? Here's why: Babaji has an unparalleled yearning for excellence, technology, and extraordinary care. We encourage students to be passionate about learning and to explore their own interests. A Babaji student grows up in a fraternity that focuses on high levels of learning and personalisation. In essence, we promote the development of a deep passion of learning in children.

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A group of girl students and a boy is performing dance with Indian flag in hand, audience are watching them behind.

School of Arts
Perform, Paint, and Play

Students from all levels can participate in dance, art, drama, and music classes, from beginners, and intermediate performers, to experienced artists. There are numerous performing arts programs available at Babaji, such as public speaking, Indian dance, Western dance, theatre, drama, vocal music, keyboard, piano, and school bands. In addition to our BlackBox studios and instrumental rooms, we have a facility exclusively built for this purpose.

Sports & Activities Fostering Teamspirit

We value sports at Babaji because they teach fundamental lessons about leadership, teamwork, competition, victory, and defeat. Every athlete can find a sport they are comfortable with in our school.

Babaji Vidhayshram is one of the few FIT India recognised CBSE Schools in Sholinganallur. A FIFA-approved football turf with a 20,000 sq.ft ground, parade ground, throwball nets, cricket nets with natural grass wickets, an archery range, etc. are the pride of our sprawling campus. A special indoor climbing wall is also available at our facility. Our students are also part of the National Cadet Corps (NCC).

Small school kids with uniform are standing in queue and approaching teachers who are sitting in line on chairs with registration forms to enroll primary school students in cultural activities.

Tech & Innovation

Nurturing Young Techies

Babaji Vidhayashram is an institution with a superstrong virtual presence. Our digital ecosystem is safe, secure, and open to all staff members to help them become tech-savvy. Students and parents can easily access all assignments, and academic updates posted online for their convenience.

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32A, Clasic Farms Road,
Chennai - 600 119,
Tamilnadu, India

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