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Babaji Vidhyashram · CBSE schools in Sithalapakkam - Babaji Vidhyashram
Babaji Vidhyashram · CBSE schools in Sithalapakkam - Babaji Vidhyashram

BVS - Best of CBSE Schools in Sithalapakkam

The Babaji Way - The Way of the Future!

Explore a whole new world of possibilities at BVS! Give your child the opportunity for holistic education that prepares them for the future! Come to BVS, where we educate the mind, body, and spirit!

Here at Babaji Vidhyashram, best CBSE school in Sithalapakkam, we don't believe in defining frameworks for our students. BVS students define their own limits. They are set on their journey to find their true selves through a system that challenges their intellect and helps them explore their passions and strengths. Our vision is to educate our students for a lifetime! We train the future here - equipping our kids to be future-ready for a workplace that demands multi-taskers equipped to face anything.

We have created a learning environment to help students embrace futuristic skills like innovation, thought leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving. A new era of education is dawning in India. Frameworks that define the roles and limits of students are being redefined. We are moving out of the "CBSE/ICSE" frameworks that create "doctors/engineers/computer scientists".

Babaji Vidhyashram has broken out of this mould and provides an education that combines the best of CBSE curriculum practices with modern methods of teaching and learning. Visit our branches in Shollinganallur, Selaiyur, Medavakkam, and Karapakkam. We hope to expand our reach and take our message of education for the future everywhere!

About Us
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10 Great Reasons to Join BVS - Among the Best Schools in Sithalapakkam

  • A stellar team of educators

    Our students love the environment our educators create! We take care of our own, and it shows - our 90% retention rate is the highest in Chennai!

  • Results that speak of our success

    BVS student results are an outstanding testament to our success, with entire batches of students scoring a distinction - an above-average school result!

  • Relationship-building

    The BVS education team are more than just teachers - they are here to educate and inspire for life! Our passionate team care deeply for the students that walk through our doors. This is where we forge relationships through education!

  • Future-ready college career
    We prepare our students all the way through our career guidance and counselling sessions. Elite universities are open to our students because they are prepared for college!
  • A system that offers results

    Our system is tried and tested - we rely on the professional experience and passion of our trustees, educators, and staff to make our students excel!

  • Invested in community over profits

    BVS is about more than meeting the demands of shareholders and profit-makers! We are a trust-run school completely invested in the betterment of our locally residing families!

  • Unmatched facilities

    The BVS world is held a cut above the rest. Come visit our sports arenas, design-thinking labs, and performing-arts studios at our Sithalapakkam campus to know what we are talking about!

  • Innovation as a cornerstone

    In an ever-changing, ever-developing world, an educational environment like BVS, based on innovation and continuous re-invention, is the need of the hour!

  • Celebrating the individual

    Students at BVS, CBSE school in Sithalapakkam, Chennai, are not trained and limited into pre-set frames. We are a school invested in individual brilliance, and our system is designed to bring out the best in each of our learners, with our educators always ready to help!

  • A heart that beats Indian

    At the heart of it all is a spirit that breathes Indian values and celebrates our great country through active participation in the NCC, traditional festivals, national celebrations, and more!

Academics Framework at the Best CBSE Affiliated Schools in Sithalapakkam

A girl standing and doing colouring activity using brush and paints with few parents & kids sitting behind her

Concept-based experiential learning in a CBSE curriculum framework

As a CBSE-affiliated school, Babaji Vidhyashram has taken the best of CBSE practices and modern pedagogy, blending experiential learning and concept-based education.

At BVS, we challenge students to become independent learners who question and explore the concepts they learn in the classroom. They are given opportunities to apply their learning to everyday situations and take education beyond the confines of their books and classroom. This has the added advantage of providing opportunities for skill-building, which is a crucial element in our educational framework.

In taking the learning process outside the classroom, we make a conscious effort to connect topics children learn and their real-world applications. The concept-based approach is supplemented with topic-based field trips, meaningful real-time projects, educational exchange programmes, and seminars and lectures by relevant industry experts who can bring real-world wisdom to the topics discussed in class. We place our educational framework in a design-thinking framework that encourages students and teachers alike to engage their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Another feature of our expert-curated programme is our focus on language learning in our Kindergarten classes. Language learning is a skill to be emphasised in the younger years. This also allows us to develop public speaking and interpersonal communication skills in them.

All our programmes are levelled and multi-directional, giving our students a holistic educational experience. We provide our students with opportunities for engagement in social and environmental causes and even create events aligned with national goals to develop a sense of belonging and pride in our nation.

Class sizes are limited at BVS, the best CBSE school in Sithalapakkam, Chennai. We limit Kindergarten classes to twenty-five students and higher grades to a class size of thirty. This way, we can pay attention to different learning styles, encourage peer learning, and allow personalised learning. When students reach middle school, they will encounter a slightly more challenging and complex learning experience that will gradually level them up to tackle the high school CBSE board exams confidently.

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BVS Curricula: More than Just Book-Learning

The BVS Culture: Fostering an Environment of Excellence

The ultimate goal of the Babaji Vidhyashram educational journey is to instil a love for learning in our children. We don't hold back at any level: we provide the highest quality of world-class facilities so that our children are encouraged to internalise our culture of excellence and extraordinary care. Technology-enabled learning is balanced with the encouragement of a passion for true education and self-discovery. Kids determine their own learning paths at BVS, and individuality is highly encouraged.

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A boy is singing on a stage where some kids are standing in front of the mic to make chorus.

Arts: Performance and Expression - Going beyond Mind and Body

We love to give our students the power to express themselves! Our art, music and drama clubs welcome professionals and novices alike.

At Babaji, we have taken a great interest in giving children access to performance arts resources for instrumental and vocal music, public speaking, dance, dramatics, and so much more! Our performance spaces are equipped with instrumental rooms and BlackBox studios to give our learners a rich learning experience.

Sports: Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind

Babaji's educational ethics stretch far beyond the world of books and intellect. It encompasses physical and spiritual fitness as well. We place great value in the life lessons we teach our students through sports and competitive events: healthy competition, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and more.

Choose from a large selection of sporting events and levels: every athlete will find a home at Babaji! Our FIFA-approved football turf, throw-ball nets, parade grounds, cricket nets and archery will surely impress any sporting enthusiast. We are also members of the NCC Army, the Naval wings, and are an FIT India recognised school. There's something here for everyone!

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Technology for Learning: Fostering Future Innovators

BVS has had a strong digitally active work culture since its inception. Our teachers and staff are tech-savvy and able to navigate through digital resources. Students and parents can also take advantage of online resources to submit assignments, access study material and follow academic updates. Because BVS has been digitally active right from the start, we were able to seamlessly shift to online learning when the pandemic hit in 2020.

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