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New education policy 2020 (NEP) explained.

Posted on: June 2, 2021
Author: BVS Team

The new academic year has started and hopefully with it will stop the unceasing talk about the pros and cons of the New Education Policy as finally it’s time for some action.But, is this policy a whitewashed tomb or is it a breath of fresh air? Maybe a judicious dissection of this policy that follows would help in understanding it’s nuances!.

In my opinion, the NEP is a well intended policy with the motive of revamping the age old policies in place .Certainly  it is a hope for a new Indian workforce -who would be more skilled and job ready than any of their predecessors.

The objective of the policy is to prepare the students for an ever changing VUCA world with skills needed to excel and a focus on application of knowledge rather than its acquisition.

The policy envisages to make changes in the assessment pattern to make it more focussed on testing application, extended thinking , competency  and life skills than memorisation of concepts. It also advocates the integration of arts and physical education with a core curriculum which will bring about a real holistic learning experience for the students.

Further, there has been an overhaul of the elementary and pre primary teaching and learning curriculum.Alas, no more crying preschoolers tortured with writing their nimble fingers are not yet ready for. No more stressed out elementary kids and even more stressed out teachers and parents scurrying for the exams.

And, finally the anticipation that when Grade 3,5,8 schoolers write their standardised tests to gauge their learning progression, they would match the standards  and benchmarks of their international peers. And of course more really qualified teachers and a centralised monitoring and testing body to the boot as well. This might in the long run outlive the NEET, IIT Jee and other such common exams with a unified exam, thereby bringing back school education to its past glory and relevance.

The CBSE has already started to roll out several of these changes through their nation wide academic circulars and instructions to implement the NEP in word and spirit. The new CBSE assessment Pattern also reflects the crux of this policy through more objective and competency based questioning weightage than content based.

Wow! So much to hope for! But lingering doubts in the implementation process are nevertheless heard like silent whispers echoing through the conscience of even the ardent believers.

Vector image symbolising New Education policy with a child learning in online mode on the left side and one tutor explaining concepts on screen and another tutor using mobile screen.

While policymakers and educators debate on...

I look at the faces of the children ... their faith remains as it ever was- beguiled but trusting.

My wavering beliefs finally laid to rest, I continue with my work of implementing this policy in teaching and learning @ Babaji Vidhyashram where we are already executing many of its salient features for the past 7 years of our operation!

I also feel proud that right from the time this policy was drafted we have been organising debates and training sessions for teachers to make them imbibe the true spirit of the new education policy in their everyday teaching experiences.

I am sure other schools have similar measures in place to optimally implement the policy. This in turn will revolutionise the teaching and learning practices throughout the country.

To sum up, the Indian education system has indeed received a much-needed revamping and has a lot to hope for with the NEP!

Those who are interested to know more details about the NEP, please do check out these links:

Presentation on National Education Policy 2020

New Features in NEP 2020


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Art integration in mathematics
New education policy 2020 (NEP) explained.
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