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8 types of personality development influenced by theatre activity is depicted

The connect between theatre & personality development in children

Posted on: June 2, 2021
Author: BVS Team

“Personality Development” – these two words are of great importance in parenting. Most parents are always on the lookout for different opportunities that will help their wards enhance personality skills.

For those of you who would like to understand PERSONALITY more precisely, it is a set of behavioral, emotional, cognition patterns that are evolved out of biological & environmental factors. While biological factors can be an influence of the genes, environmental factors will depend on the types of exposure with the external world. The biological factors are also influenced by the dominant set of multiple intelligences present within each individual. Intelligence is an intellectual potential that we are all born with, something that can be measured. Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner concludes in his research that all of us are gifted with different types of intelligence and have a variation as to which of the intelligence plays a more dominant role in us. He concludes that there are 8 types of intelligence in all of us, which can be listed as:

Visual / Spatial
Linguistic / Verbal
Logical / Mathematical
Kinesthetic / Physical

Of these eight, one or more are dominant in every individual and these are clubbed with the exposure shape the personality of the individual.

To evolve an effective personality also referred to as Whole Brain Development, apart from harnessing the dominant intelligence, the subdued intelligences must also be groomed along with exposure to different life experiences. It is important to find a program that can address all three requirements

Harnessing dominant intelligence
Grooming dormant intelligences
Exposure to varied life experiences

Theatre is one art form that facilitates all 3 requirements. The image given below is self-explanatory as to how theatre helps address the eight multiple intelligences.

All 8 multiple intelligence in theatre activity are depicted

A student of theatre is exposed to all 8 multiple intelligences through the different modules. Apart from facilitating the evolution of the multiple intelligences, the theatre also helps students explore various life experiences and emotions through stories, poems, plays, role plays, character analysis in a safe & controlled environment. Theatre also facilitates opportunities for teamwork, group discussion, time management, planning & execution through other expressive avenues such as direction, lyric writing, playwriting, dance choreography, costume designing, set designing, backstage management, marketing & publicity.

Children going through an effective theatre curriculum blossom as confident and expressive individuals.

three students discussing before the performance and a few boys getting ready for performance

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