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The connect between theatre and language development in children

Posted on: June 2, 2021
Author: BVS Team

Integration of Theatre and Language can be seen as a 'wide range of expressions through elements of creativity'. Empathizing is the key factor of extensive imagination to strike the instinct of Communication through Gestures. Children imbibe the vocalisation of language through performing arts. An informal forum to exhibit the core existence of being human.

The mastery of theatrical concepts emphasizes the affinity between the actor and the audience irrespective of the depth of characterization manipulated in the plot. The Elements of a Plot and the Signposts in a Recital is a perfect precedent to dispense the connection between Theatre and Language. The Rhyme, pacing, pitch, pause, meter, resonance,etc.. are the figurative language that sets the bridge for correlation.

In our venerated institution the merger of Dramatics and Linguistics transpires in the specially animated theatre with structured curriculum. Verbal and nonverbal interpretation leads to the 'Aha moment' in a holistic revolution in our school set up. Journey through the memoirs of the Protagonist and Antagonist weave the visual and language appeal for a lofty aesthetic criticism.

" Kindle your imagery through Navarasas amalgamated with linguistics."

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The connect between theatre and language development in child
The connect between theatre and language development in children
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